My name in Chinese: 王增志

Email: [email protected]

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👋 Hi!

I received my master's degree in Computer Science at the Nanjing University of Science & Technology advised by Prof. Rui Xia and Assoc. Prof. Jianfei Yu. Now, I am working with Dr. Pengfei Liu at the Generative AI Research Lab (GAIR) to explore Generative AI.

🌻Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of natural language processing and machine learning. From 2021 to 2022, I did research on Fine-Grained (i.e., Aspect-Based) Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining. Currently, I am doing some interesting research work to explore the following several areas:

🗞️ Latest News

<aside> ✌️ 2024.4: The first paper I wrote during my postgraduate studies was finally published in IEEE TKDE 2024! 2024.5: A paper accepted by ACL 2024 Main Conference. Congrats. to Qiming for her first ACL paper during her PhD.


📜 Selected Publications

Please see my Google Scholar or  Semantic Scholar profiles for the full list.

(*: equal contribution)

Benchmarking Benchmark Leakage in Large Langauge Models

Ruijie Xu*, Zengzhi Wang*, Run-Ze Fan*, Pengfei Liu.

arXiv preprint. 2024. [Paper][Code][Homepage][Huggingface Demo]

Generative AI for Math: Part I — MathPile: A Billion-Token-Scale Pretraining Corpus for Math

Zengzhi Wang, Rui Xia, Pengfei Liu.

arXiv preprint. 2023. [Paper][Code][Homepage][Datasets][Featured by AK] [机器之心] (🌟Also featured on the Huggingface Datasets Trending List)

Ask Again, Then Fail: Large Language Models’ Vacillations in Judgment.

Qiming Xie*, Zengzhi Wang*, Yi Feng, Rui Xia.

To appear in ACL 2024 Main Conference (Top 2.7% in ARR 2024 Feb). [Paper] [Code] [中文解读]

Is ChatGPT a Good Sentiment Analyzer? A Preliminary Study.

Zengzhi Wang, Qiming Xie, Yi Feng, Zixiang Ding, Zinong Yang, Rui Xia.

arXiv preprint, 2023. [Paper] [Code]



🎓 Education & Research Experience

Generative AI Research Lab, 06/2023–Present

Research assistant, supervised by  Dr. Pengfei Liu .

Nanjing University of Science & Technology, 09/2021–04/2024(Expected)

Master’s student, doing research in the Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining.

Wuhan Institute of Technology, 09/2017–06/2021

Undergrad, majoring in Software Engineering.

🌱 Selected Honors & Awards